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XRPU19 Long Signal

At Coin Inquire, we offer free Trade Signals & Analysis of XRPU19 and other cryptocurrencies. Today Aug 8th, 2019, we are beginning a new series of free Signals & Analysis for top cryptocurrencies including XRPU19.

Here is our full trade for Ripple ( XRPU19 ) on BitMEX.
We are using 7X (high leverage) for high ROE.

  • BitMEX (leveraged) trading is for experienced/advanced traders only.
  • This is not financial advice. We are sharing our views and opinion on learning and entertainment purposes only.
  • A trade setup can do good just as it can go bad. Some we win others we lose. If you decide to trade, you do so at your own risk.
  • We recommend trading altcoins pairs for beginners, margin trading should be done only after you have lots of experience and you have patience as well.
  • Patience is key.
  • Thanks a lot for your continued support.

Now, let’s take a look at the numbers for our Ripple ( XRPU19 ) trade:

Pair: LONG XRPU19 (Ripple)

Leverage: 7X

Entry: 0.00002550 – 0.00002670

Time frame: 4H


(1) 0.00002700
(2) 0.00002820
(3) 0.00002900
(4) 0.00003110
(5) 0.00003300

Stop-loss: Close daily (1D) below 0.00002400.

Liq. price: 0.00002356
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00002670)

Potential profits: 165.13% ROE

Capital allocation: 6%.


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