Viberate (VIB) Buy Signal

With 81% Growth Potential

Viberate ( VIBBTC ) is looking pretty good and I’ve been waiting on this one.

Look at the chart above, you can see VIBBTC currently trading above EMA50 and forming an ascending triangle … This setup can easily lead to a huge increase in price…

Here is our trade signal for this pair.

Trade: Viberate ( VIBBTC )

BUY: 0.00000200 – 0.00000220


(1) 0.00000275
(2) 0.00000300
(3) 0.00000330
(4) 0.00000390

(Buy calculated at 0.00000215)

STOP: Close daily below 0.00000175.

About Viberate (VIB)

Viberate is the first decentralised platform in the music world. Created by Slovenian team in order to connect musicians with event organizers from all over the world, the platform helps any artist to register his own profile or to claim others. Viberate’s recent ICO became one the most successful token sales to date. It was intended to sell 120 million of Vibe tokens during one month of ICO. However, the crowdsale raised more than 10 million dollars under 5 minutes, hitting their $12 million hard cap. To make the whole process easier for new traders investors, they integrated the VIB cryptocurrency into Changelly, a service where one can purchase them using a credit card.

Taken very seriously, the project has already attracted a lot of interest from the music industry including being in major crypto-exchanges like Binance and Bittrex. There are plans to generate a mass VIB token adoption.

If you are new to crypto trading, it’s always advisable to learn about, what is Viberate, it’s benefits and indicative return on investment.


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