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Loopring LRC/BTC Buy Trading Signal

  • We can see that LRCBTC removed 100% of the gains generated in January, so we are back to square one, now sitting at support. 
  • After a wave down, comes a wave up. 
  • There is a chance of LRCBTC price moving lower, so we always use a stop loss when trading. If the trade goes wrong, we get stopped out and only lose very little. If the trade goes right, as it almost always happens, then we can collect massive profits. Very low risk, super high rewards.

Loopring ( LRCBTC )

BUY: 0.00001100 – 0.00001200 

NEXT SUPPORT: 0.00001000 


(1) 0.00001500 
(2) 0.00001770 
(3) 0.00001970 
(4) 0.00002220 
(5) 0.00002490 
(6) 0.00002940 

STOPLOSS: Close weekly candle below 0.00000920. 

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