DNTBTC district0x Touches Strong Support

district0x ( DNTBTC ) hasn’t given out any confirmed breakout signal yet, but I believe it can start waking up soon.

We shared a trade for DNTBTC back in October 2018 that is still active today, that trade managed only to hit 3 targets for a total of ~50% profits.

Now, after fulling retracing, I believe another wave is coming but this time stronger than the last one… Let’s see how that goes.

Looking at the chart above, there are several signals we can note. Let’s start with those:

First we have the strong support line, brown dotted line, and yellow circles. DNTBTC bounces each time this line is touched.

The MACD continues trending up, while the histogram is in favor of the bulls.

Last but not least, the volume decreased for almost 10 months until October, after said month it started to increase.

This altcoin can be traded with very low risk. Imagine putting a stop loss at 260 satoshis, buying around 333 and aiming to reach at least July 2018’s peak. That’s more than 3x (200% profits)… Let’s see how it goes in the next few weeks.

Buy in: Up to 0.00000320

Targets for distric0x ( DNTBTC ) by Alan Masters:

(1) 0.00000433
(2) 0.00000523
(3) 0.00000603
(4) 0.00000703
(5) 0.00000783
(6) 0.00000923

Stop loss: Close weekly candle below 0.00000257.
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