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DigiByte Founder Blaims Binance For Placing Unfair Demands To List DGB

DigiByte Founder, Jared Tate has alleged that Binance Team has asked for an incredulous amount of funds and stakes in Digibyte for listing it on Binance. 

Is Listing DigiByte A Costly Affair?

DigiByte Founder recently took to Twitter and said that he did a video call with the Binance Team a few weeks back, for the purpose of listing Digibyte on Binance. Reportedly, the team laid out the conditions, which included, $300,000 and 3% of all DGB for ”insurance for their customers against blockchain hacks & defects” to list $DGB. To which Tate said that it was not possible with a truly decentralized blockchain like DigiByte. 

Source- Twitter

Furthermore, he stated that the firm lacked funds and had zero ability to fund such a requirement. To which the “BNB Team’ said that they would get back to him. Moreover, he claimed that he said he is tired of answering people that when will the coin be listed on Coinbase or Binance. 

Source- Twitter

While it is likely that his claims are backed by truth, there are no solid proofs to substantiate his claims, as he was on a video call. His tweet garnered several responses from the crypto community.

Trader and Analyst, Crypto Bitlord, questioned Tate that was he sure that he contacted the right team? It could have been well a group of scammers trying to gain cryptos. He further questioned how could his claims be verified?

Source- Twitter

Another twitter user Shariq explained that in order to reach a massive user base huge costs must be incurred to engage and keep the audience attached. 

Source- Twitter

A  user with Twitter handle “Crypto Moon” said that this was primarily the reason why DigiByte continues to suffer and lose its value. The reason being any big exchange will not list low volume coins.  

Source- Twitter

Tai Zen, another user further advised the Founder on finding an alternative solution and said that the demand was pretty normal. 

Source- Twitter

Binance CEO Responds on it that he don’t want to get him into it,

Scammer Alert

Interestingly, the first tweet on Binance’s official twitter handle mentions users to be aware of scammers and not send coins directly to any address for any reason. 

Source- Twitter

Well, a large portion of the crypto community seemed to place their trust and Binance and refuting Tate’s claims. The truth behind the whole scenario is yet to be revealed. Is it just a measure to get publicity and create hype among audiences? Or is there an iota of truth behind his claims?


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