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Bytom [BTMBTC] (83% Profits) on Bittrex

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Bytom (BTM) Overview

Established in early 2017, the Bytom (BTM) Blockchain project was launched to develop a protocol that could tokenize assets from the physical world and represent them in the digital world on a decentralized network. Aiming to help businesses and individuals to register and exchange assets such as securities, bonds, deeds and various types of information, the Bytom blockchain uses a proof-of-work protocol that designed to enable customized contracts, promote AI technology, and provide unique identifiers for assets following a standardized naming convention.

Bytom ( BTMBTC ) Chart Analysis

I started to look at this chart… This was the one that caught my attention, here is what I see… This is the chart: 

  • BTMBTC hit a low on the 13 of May, and this low was retested on the 28 of June, but not quite since it hit a bit higher, creating a higher low. 
  • The first attempt to break above EMA10 above this love produced a high volume inverted hammer . A bullish candlestick which indicates in this position an upcoming change of trend. 
  • We have the double bottom/higher low and the bullish candlestick supporting each other. 
  • The indicators are also moving higher, gaining momentum and creating higher lows. 
  • There is good potential to move up from here… 
  • The weekly time frame supports this analysis and shows that BTMBTC can move up from here after consolidation. Consolidation here can take as little as 1-3 weeks. 

Bytom ( BTMBTC ) Trade

Buy-in: 0.00001366 – 0.00001477 

Next support: 0.00001250 


(1) 0.00001560 
(2) 0.00001700 
(3) 0.00001920 
(4) 0.00002080 
(5) 0.00002270 
(6) 0.00002500 
(7) 0.00002650 

Profits potential: 83% 
(Buy-in calculated at 0.00001447) 

Stop-loss: Close weekly (1W) below 0.00001100. 

Capital allocation: <5%. 


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