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BitTorrent BTT/BTC Full Long Term Trade Signal

This is a long term trade so patience is recommended.

Our strategy here is very, very simple and can work for everybody, let me explain it quickly: 

  • Buy and hold (wait patiently for as long as necessary, patience is key). This is the first step. 
  • Set your sell orders on target to collect profits once our targets are hit. 

So it is all very simple. You can simply buy and wait for as long as it takes for our targets to be hit, it can be days, weeks or months, and that is all you need to do… 

  • Once we start to hit our targets we sell and collect profits. 
  • Once you have your profits, be grateful in whatever way you prefer, enjoy, and use these earnings to better your life. 
  • Make a habit of withdrawing, some people trade for years without never withdrawing and sometimes lose all gains. It is always wise to sell and later withdraw to enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Let’s continue with the trade… 

BitTorrent ( BTTBTC )

Buy-in: 11-13 


(1) 18 
(2) 21 
(3) 27 
(4) 32 
(5) 37 
(6) 42 
(7) 52 

Stop loss: Close weekly below 9. 

Capital allocation: <20%. 

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