Let’s take a look at Bitcoin on the 4H time frame/scale, we have many bearish signals on this chart. 

As the title says, Bitcoin will move higher, but it is pointing lower now, so we need to see how this will develop and how far lower can it go. 

BTCUSD Chart signals by Alan Masters

  • Decreasing volume . 
  • Bearish MACD and RSI . 
  • Trading below EMA5 & EMA10 ( bearish potential). 
  • Mondays tend to be bloody when in bear mode. 
  • Support levels are marked with dashed blue lines. 
  • Resistance levels are marked with dashed orange lines. 

We’ve also drawn multiple potential scenarios (green, blue and red arrows)… 

What’s your take on where Bitcoin will go next? 

See here for our Bitcoin analysis LONG-TERM: 
Prediction: The Next Alternative Cryptocurrency Market Bull Run! 


What do you think?

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