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Bitcoin (BTC) Vs. Ripple (XRP) Analysis & Prediction

Bitcoin, after the last few days of struggle, has now risen and it is racing towards 10,000 USD currently. On the other hand, Ripple has not shown any signs of growth and still revolves around 0.26 USD. Here is an analysis of the price movement pattern of Ripple and Bitcoin against USD in the last 1 day. Below are the current statistics of both the coins.

  • Bitcoin has started recovering from the price correction of the last few days.
  • Ripple may take some more time to reach its target.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Statistics-

16th August 08:04 UTCBitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
ROI (Return on Investment)7,244.34%4,330.51%
Coin Circulation17,879,475 BTC42,890,708,341 XRP
Market Cap178,229,193,856 USD11,136,407,424 USD
Value in USD9,907.99 USD0.2584 USD
All-Time High20,089 USD3.84 USD
24h Volume22,118,095,355 USD1,169,247,146 USD

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Comparison-

BTC – XRP Price Chart

Bitcoin and Ripple have shared an almost similar path of price movement in the last 24 hours. Bitcoin lost 624 USD between 00:09 UTC and 06:24 UTC, on the other hand, Ripple, in the same period, was down by 6.10%.  Both the coin experienced an unprecedented rise in the value which took Bitcoin to 10,434 USD and Ripple to 0.2682 USD by 22:31 UTC. The last swing lasted for almost the same minutes and Bitcoin lost 6.17% by 05:46 UTC whereas Ripple was down by 5.02% by the same time. Since then, both the coins have been strengthening marginally.

Bitcoin – Ripple Price Prediction-

Bitcoin has already started recovering from the price correction it faced a couple of days ago. But Ripple, as usually, will take some more days. However, in the long-term, both the coins are likely to justify their ranking and turnaround the situation of the whole market.

 Bitcoin (BTC)Ripple (XRP)
1st Resistance10607.53333 USD0.270044667 USD
2nd Resistance10903.51667 USD0.275207333 USD
3rd Resistance11369.62333 USD0.282173667 USD
1st Support9845.443333 USD0.257915667 USD
2nd Support9379.336667 USD0.250949333 USD
3rd Support9083.353333 USD0.245786667 USD


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