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Binance Coin (BNB) Buy/Sell Signal

The price has already broken through the 0.00282 support and wasn’t able to come back. More likely we will see a re-test of the resistance and further decline to the 0.00220 level. During this downward movement, you can start gaining a LONG position with the target in the 0.00400 area.

Well, it was a technical part, now let’s talk about the fundamental one. Binance announced a new project on their launchpad which called WINK. This project is based on the TRON blockchain which means that Justin Sun will shill this project. Everybody knows it and there will be pretty much traders who will want to join this event. As you know, the requirements for tickets are quite simple: you need to hold BNB. It has worked before and will work now, BNB will grow up.


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