Altcoins bullish, Start Printing New Highs

Looking at dozens of charts for Binance and Bittrex altcoins mainly, I am seeing lots of new higher highs being hit after a higher low was printed.

We have hundreds of pairs trading above resistance with a bullish chart and indicators… The altcoins market is ready to grow more…

Additional signal not coming from the charts

I am seeing many people that left the market coming back through my different platforms.

I am also receiving many messages from people that haven’t been active for many months or even years… Summertime is over…
Time to profit/work…

The entire altcoins market is about to make a huge jump.

Note: When I say “Altcoins”, I refer to all altcoins excluding Bitcoin and the top 10.

There will be huge growth for the altcoins market in the coming weeks. The next burst of growth might be a lot bigger than the first one… Get ready…

BKXBTC 25-Aug. +338%

Bankex Chart Analysis | Long-Term Targets (1224%  - 3335% PProfi

WANBTC 12-Aug. +173%

Wanchain Starts Gaining Momentum (Over 50% Profits Short-term)

FUELBTC 9-Sept. +173%

Etherparty Looking Good (40% Possible Within Days)

DOCKBTC 10-Sept. +163%

DOCK Completes Its Retrace | Surprise 90%+ & Growing

RCNBTC 24-Aug. +146%

Ripio Credit Network (RCNBTC) Project Overview & Chart Signals

MDABTC 28-July +81%

Moeda Loyalty Points Will Start To Move (Friendly Reminder)

FUNBTC 22-Aug. +75%

FunFair Getting Ready To Move +40% (Early Signal Spotted)


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